When citizens get involved . . .

In the November 11 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Hanover County resident Jim Ellis commends to readers the invaluable role citizens play when they participate in charting the course–for a local, state or national community.

Community Organizing Won this Campaign

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin now have the answers to the question they so ungraciously posed at the Republican National Convention: What do community organizers do?

The best-conceived, best-run presidential campaign in modern history. Three million first-time donors to a presidential campaign. Enduring dignity in the face of petty tactics. Unprecedented involvement from American youth. Crowds up to 100,000 strong gathering to hear a politician speak. Thousands of citizens introduced to the nuts and bolts of how to effectively run a political campaign. A new spirit as the people reconnect with their own government. A historic and absolutely unequivocal victory.

To answer the ungracious and sneering question in no uncertain terms: That is what community organizers do.

Jim Ellis. Mechanicsville.



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