The request to rezone the Harris property at the corner of Lee Davis
Road and Pole Green Road behind Pole Green Produce is scheduled to be
heard by the Planning Commission on Thursday, July 19, 2007 @ 7 p.m.
The plan is to put 59 Condos on 17 acres of ground. Several of the
buildings will be 5 to 10 feet from the property line of houses in
Laurel Meadows Subdivision.

"East Ashland" er, "Wiltonville" Development

On July 25th at 7:00 p.m. the Ashland Town Council will hold a Public Hearing at Town Hall on the application to build the East Ashland development. This application was first brought forth as “Ashbury” and Town Council recommended denial. The applicant sued the town and the East Ashland application (on the same site)is one result of that suit. This new application includes 264 residential units, 209,000 sq. ft. of retail, and 444 hotel rooms. This development would be located in the southeast corner of the I-95/Route 54 interchange. Residents are encouraged to attend this hearing and voice their views on this proposed development.

Commentary by Jim Ellis

We recently received this comment to our blog:

“The fearmongering regarding inexperience should be expected, and it will continue for some time. But if we want to see something truly frightening, let’s look at what the experience of at least some members of the current Board brought us. This Comp Plan update was supposed to be a bold initiative to plan the county’s next 50 years. But there was only ONE OPTION put out for the citizens to look at. It was essentially devised before the alleged process to create it ever began. And it was just more of the same sprawl-inducing worship of short-term profits over consideration of citizens’ voices and long-term consequences.

The county has continued to pretend that the Comp Plan update process was open to citizens when clearly it was not, at least not in any meaningful way. The process had no room for serious discussion of green infrastructure, rural preservation, agriculture as a real focus of economic development, transportation modes other than private automobiles, smart growth principles, green and sustainable building practices, and real-life examples of these things being done around the Commonwealth and around the country.

Citizens are ready to take the “risk” of electing relatively inexperienced supervisors who may appoint relatively inexperienced planinng commissioners because citizens have seen the certainty of what will happen if they don’t make this change now — not only will they continue to be pushed to the side as their beloved county is further exploited, they will have to endure the added patronizing insult of being told that their opinions are valued and it’s all for their own good.

Numerous citizens spoke at public meetings to inform the Board about what would happen in November based on the Comp Plan update vote. The die was cast in March 2007. The discussion ended on March 28. We have four months to make sure that in November the voters “send a message” so loudly and clearly that there can be absolutely no mistaking its strength or meaning.”