Last August at a Hanover County Planning Commission meeting, Planning Commissioner Mr. King raised grave concerns regarding development plans for Hundleys Corner. A vote was delayed and the developer was told return with revised plans for a lower density of residential units. Apparently, the revised plans being presented tonight include a decrease of ONLY TWO UNITS with NO CONCESSION FOR THE HISTORICAL VALUE of the area.

TAKE A STAND TONIGHT FOR RURAL HANOVER COUNTY and its unique sense of history, heritage, and identity.

Justification for No Rezone: The property is current being proposed for a high density, multi family housing development. The property is currently Zoned A-1. With your support we would like the commission to consider the following:
  1. For No rezoning of the site. To be protected as a “Historical viewshed” of the Federally Protected site of Laurel Meadow – Place of National Historic Registrar.
  2. Requesting time for area consideration by a Federal Preservation Office for placement on the National Registrar of Historic Places or for the expansion of the Laural Meadows registrar site to include Hundleys Corner in recognition of additional significance according to Federal Law 36CFR60.
  3. There is a cemetery on the site – Requesting a delay in any re-zoning decisions to allow for proper archaeological clearances to be conducted in the fields surrounding the cemetery, utilizing ground penetrating radar to determine the location of unmarked graves. Virginia Antiquities Act (Va. Code Ann.10.1-2300, et seq
  4. Requesting disclosure if there is any Federal money or Federal permitting involved in the development project. (ie – core of engineers permit sec 106, wetland, or any federal loan sources).
This project is threatening the “integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association, ..” of a place to the national historic registrar and site of local and national Historical Significance. We would like your support in not allowing re-zoning of the last remaining area of Hundleys Corner and the historic viewshed of Laural Meadows.

TONIGHT’S MEETING: 7 pm at the Hanover County Courthouse (Admininstration Building). Please attest to the significant historical value of the site. If nothing else we hope for a respite so that the historical and cultural resources can be adequately assessed.


Tour the Cold Harbor Battlefield with Nat’l. Park Historian Bob Krick!

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) cordially invites you and your friends and family to an exclusive tour of the Cold Harbor Battlefield in Hanover County, led by National Park Service historian Bob Krick.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to visit an important site with others who are committed to preserving Hanover County’s rich Civil War heritage. The morning’s program, featuring a guided tour by a noted historian, will provide you in depth information far beyond the standard overview visitors receive at Cold Harbor.

Lunch will be provided by CWPT immediately following the tour. During lunch, we will discuss preservation challenges at Cold Harbor and in Hanover County. A local preservation activist will be present to outline ways for you to get involved in preservation efforts in your communities. CWPT staff members will also be available to discuss battlefield preservation projects in the region and around the country.

We hope you will take the time to join us for an exciting day at Cold Harbor!

What: Cold Harbor Battlefield tour
When: Saturday, September 29th from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. with lunch to follow
Where: Meet at the Cold Harbor Battlefield Visitor Center, 5515 Anderson-Wright Drive

To RSVP, please email Brent Laurenz at blaurenz@civilwar.org or call 202-367-1861 (ext. 220) by September 25, 2007.

Directions to Cold Harbor Battlefield:
From I-295: Take exit 34A for Creighton Road. Merge onto Creighton Road and follow for approximately 1 mile. Turn right at VA-156 and follow for approximately 2 miles. Cold Harbor Battlefield will be on your left on Anderson-Wright Drive.

We look forward to seeing you at Cold Harbor on September 29th!

R E M E M B E R in N O V E M B E R…

It’s election season in Hanover —

and the prospect of massive development in the expanded Suburban Service Area (29,000 acres) remains the top threat to the future of our home and our quality of life. Our Board of Supervisors has the power to determine the path Hanover takes.

Our position calls on the Board of Supervisors to defend Hanover’s future as voiced by citizens on March 21st at Hanover High School to plan for:
– sustainable population growth,
– preservation of agricultural and forest lands,
– long-range planning for green infrastructure and protecting natural ecosystems,
– a greater variety of housing options,
– a variety of transportation methods,
– balanced economic growth,
– protection of historic assets, and
– protection of the integrity and prosperity of Ashland and other small population centers in the county.

Hanover County is fortunate to have smart, creative citizens who are ready to be engaged in building a positive future. Public involvement, greater transparency, and more rigorous fairness in the planning for our home will ensure that the County makes the best decisions for our shared future. Therefore, we call on the Board of Supervisors to work with residents to tackle the challenges ahead of us, to defend what is most loved about our county.

The Coalition for Hanover’s Future (CHF) doesn’t endorse specific candidates, but we hope you will use the CHF position as you talk to and consider the candidates running for Board of Supervisors.