What I Don’t Find Acceptable…

Letter to the Editors of the Herald-Progress and The Mechanicsville-Local from our chair, Pattie Bland:

The recent vote by the board of supervisors to accept a two-year grant for a mental health crisis site is commendable. It innovatively addresses the serious problem of gaps in mental health services, gaps that open the way for tragedies such as that attending the family of State Sen. Creigh Deeds. Good work by the Community Services Board!

The remarks by Supervisor Wayne Hazzard, though, regarding sustainability of the program put a damper on the good news. Terming the grant “another government handout” just shows how cynical and parsimonious we have become in this harsh economy. Certainly, long-term survival of the program should be a concern; Ms. Sager addressed the issue ably.

Around any program, the discussion of funding, or the lack of it, can be a drag, but citizens accept it as necessary. What I don’t find acceptable or necessary is how Hanover can restructure the Winding Brook debt, find $44 million for a new courts building and amend cash proffers to the tune of $16.25 million as of December 2013, then wring its hands over a $451,777 grant.

Pattie P. Bland