Tea Party campaigning to repeal laws that save taxpayers money

The Tea Party is campaigning to end the requirement that localities define more efficient, compact development areas known as “urban development areas” or UDAs. Tea Party members are flooding legislators with calls and emails with some claiming that UDAs are part of a United Nations conspiracy.

The reality:  UDAs were actually a bipartisan and fiscally conservative Virginia initiative. Both Governor Tim Kaine and Republican Speaker of the House Bill Howell strongly supported the 2007 law designed to reduce the costs of infrastructure and burden on taxpayers.

  • UDAs reduce transportation costs to the state and also save on water and sewer, police and fire, school busing, and other costs.
  • The traditional neighborhood development envisioned by UDAs is reflective of the beloved, historic Virginia towns and our older suburbs that engender a sense of community that we have lost as a result of scattered development.

Take Action: PLEASE OPPOSE any bill that would make UDAs optional and that would remove requirements that localities report their UDA plans to the state.

Tell your legislators that you support UDAs because they will save taxpayers money by reducing infrastructure costs for transportation, water and sewer, police and fire, school busing, and more. Tell them that you oppose:

  • Senate Bills: SB274 (R-Smith), SB291 (D-Lucas)
  • House Bills: HB92 (R – R. Marshall), HB794 (R- Rush), HB869 (R -Rust), HB729 (R-Dudenhefer, exempts Stafford),

Also, please oppose the inclusion of the UDAs in the Governor’s “unfunded mandates on localities” bills, SB129 (R-Stanley), HB1295 (R- Byron). Again, UDAs will save money by reducing “unfunded mandates” on the state’s taxpayers by reducing infrastructure costs.

Why not give your legislator a call?


Hanover Comprehensive Plan to be updated

During its January 25th meeting, the Hanover County Board of Supervisors authorized the Planning Commission to commence an update of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The last update was 2007. The vote followed a presentation [ppt] by Acting Director of Planning David Maloney and a workshop discussion among Board members.

Localities are mandated both to have a Comprehensive Plan and to review it every five years. Hanover’s Comprehensive Plan is a rolling 20-year plan advanced at each update. With this review and update the guidelines are set for the 2012-2032 time frame.

The Planning Commission will schedule workshops and hearings that will unfold over approximately one year until the final public hearing and vote by the Board of Supervisors.

Upcoming Comp Plan Workshop

Hanover County Board of Supervisors

Workshop: FY12 Comprehesnsive Plan Update

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7:00 pm


What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a means by which local government officials and citizens express their goals for the future of the community. The Virginia General Assembly requires that each locality adopt a Comprehensive Plan, and further mandates the Plan be updated every five years.

A Comprehensive Plan is not a regulatory document; it serves as a “guide” to planning future land use, transportation, public works, community facilities, historic resources, economic development, finance, communication facilities and housing.  Because it is only a guide, the Plan can be changed with notice and opportunity to comment, and land use zoning decisions do not need to “match” the Plan, but should be consistent with its general terms.  Even though a “guide,” citizens and government officials alike often rely heavily on the Plan’s designation of land uses.

The Planning Commission, citizens who have been appointed by the Board of Supervisors, is “charged with” the responsibility of preparing the Comprehensive Plan or its update.  The Commission relies upon the advice and expertise of the planning staff and, ideally, input from citizens of the locality. The Planning Commission advises the Board of Supervisors and the Board ultimately makes the final decisions regarding the Comprehensive Plan, again, ideally with input from citizens.  

How Does It Affect You?

The update of the Comprehensive Plan will set the pace for future growth and development and/or preservation of the County as each of the above referenced entities are addressed in the update process.  Once a feature or condition is actually shown in a plan, even if only a guide to planning, such features often dictate the direction of future growth.

Why Should You Participate, Attend Workshops and Hearings?

The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors need to hear their constituents’ thoughts and ideas about growth and development, transportation, economic development, parks and recreation, historic resources, and the preservation of character of Hanover County. This is an opportunity to speak out about your vision for your community and participate in determining the future of Hanover County.