PDR Committee commences work

The Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Committee began its work October 29 with a view to producing a recommended plan by December.

The committee, chaired by Supervisor Chuck McGhee, includes the following representatives from each of Hanover’s seven magisterial districts:

Ashland — Linwood Attkinson

Beaverdam — Leigh Pemberton

Chickahominy — Angela Kelly-Wiecek

Cold Harbor — Bernard J. Fisher

Henry — David Fauri

Mechanicsville — David Whitehurst

South Anna — Juliet Nisley

Purchase of development rights is a planning tool that can preserve land when the owner sells off the rights to develop. All other rights are retained and the land is placed in a conservation easement which conveys with the deed. PDRs are viewed as a way to preserve valuable farmland, historic tracts and natural areas.

The PDR Committee meetings are held in the Planning seminar room on the second floor of the County Administration Building and are open to the public. A date for a late November meeting will be announced soon.


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