Supervisors OK East Ashland without a public hearing

In their April 28 meeting, the Hanover County Board of Supervisors unanimously and without a public hearing approved the county portion of Ashland Properties, LLC’s East Ashland.

Ashland Town Council approved the town portion of East Ashland in their April 20 meeting.

The first Hanover County project to employ the mixed use (MX) zoning, East Ashland, together with the existing Woodside Estates and the proposed Providence Creek (MX) will have 1 million square feet of commercial and retail space and some 1300 residences.

An additional 33,000 daily vehicle trips are forecast to be added to the busy Route 54/I-95 juncture as a result of these three developments.


Missed the Candidate’s Forum?

The Candidates’ Forum is screening on Ashland’s  Town Channel every day at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. until May 4th. Candidates Jim Foley, Lucinda Jones, and Faye Prichard respond to questions submitted by audience memebers.

The Forum was sponsored by the Coalition for Hanover’s Future, the Herald-Progress and Randolph-Macon College.


The Town Council of Ashland approved one of the largest and most detrimental developments to Ashland and Hanover’s future quality of life this evening. All of the questions and concerns raised by previous posts remain unanswered.