Proffers Again! More Comp Plan, Too

This is short notice for two meetings this week – each dealing with pressing topics – proffers and the comprehensive plan.

(Why does the County try to get these things done when we’re jammed up with holiday busy-ness?!)

Board of Supervisors, Wednesday, Dec. 12 , meeting begins at 2 p.m.

“Cash Proffer Amendment Procedures and Fees”
Staff presentation at 3:30 p.m.

Revoking the proffer policy two weeks ago addressed future proffers. The Supervisors also intend to addresss existing proffers, and to expedite their removal. Read a summary of the agenda item.

The concerns here are two-fold:

  • Removal of existing proffers compounds the loss of revenue, revisiting the precipitous decision to revoke the proffer policy entirely.
  • Every request for rezoning requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.
  • If by expediting the process for removal, it means that no public hearing will be required for each case, the citizen voice, your voice, is being stifled.

Although this portion of the meeting is not a public hearing, you – the public, the citizens – may want to hear the report and the Supervisors comments and decision.

Planning Commission
Public Hearing & Work Session both on Thursday, Dec. 13th

I. Public Hearing- 7 p.m. – Zoning Ordinances

This is your opportunity to comment.

Several sections of the zoning ordinance are being considerd for change. Zoning ordinances are essential to land use policy. Will a landfill be placed next to a nursing home? Can you have a business on your residential lot? Read a summary of the agenda item.

II. Work Session – Comprehensive Plan Update
Immediarely following the regular meeting aggenda

Informal public comment will be accepted! All interested parties are invited to attend.

The Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2007 is a cumbersome document. This is the year for Comp Plan review, and it’s being reorganized in the process. It really is citizen responsibility to be sure the Comp Plan is the document we want! Preview of drafts.

The work session intends to cover:

  • Community Facilities and Utilities – DRAFT
  • Environmental – DRAFT
  • Growth Management – DRAFT
  • Historic Resources Heritage Tourism – DRAFT
  • Land Use – DRAFT

Take a break from the festivities – see you there!