At their own political peril?

Supervisors Gordon, McGhee, Setliff, and Ward vote to approve a flawed Comp Plan Update – as a citizen, do you think the planning process was undemocratic?

The Anatomy of a Failed Planning Process – feel free to add:

  • Submit changes at the last minute allowing no one, even yourself, to understand the impacts. Approve a quarry expansion that will threaten a historic battlefield and the North Anna River and use Comp Plan vote to avoid public hearing?
  • Give your “planning partner” i.e., the citizens and Town of Ashland a few minutes to review the revisions before you vote, again allow NO time for rational studies to be conducted.
  • As a county official, listen and adopt all suggestions presented by developers and other special interests and then, once the Plan is fixed, invite citizens to participate in a “planning charade” in noisy high school gyms.
  • Conduct official county business in restaurants and restrooms, but don’t let county administrators forget the power of FOIA.
  • Stack and reshuffle sign-up cards for citizen comment at public hearings to create the “appearance” of support.
  • Hold public Comp Plan “work sessions” at inconvenient times, especially before holiday weekends or in noisy high school cafeterias. Remind county staff to argue and not listen to the very people that pay their salary.
  • Conduct a Citizens Survey and ignore the results.
  • Dismiss and disregard those that disagree with you, including your fellow Supervisors.
  • Pretend the Town of Ashland doesn’t exist.

10 Responses

  1. Wow! Who saw that coming? Well, I did. I’ve been trying to communicate the illogic of these individuals for months. The only motivation has to be Kickbacks, pay offs, favors, and political contributions to campaigns. And with those contributions, the elections become difficult and especially if we do not take full advantage of every possible vehicle to get the truth out.

    Voting the BOS out doesn’t solve the problem; it started with the Planning Department! The Planning Department is appointed by the BOS, and are the architects of this gross abuse of math, science, and logic. Once the BOS are out the Planning Department HAVE TO GO!

    All of these people are career politicians, and career politicians are destroying this county and country as well. Voting Independent or Democrat doesn’t matter. Bad government is bad government! The Democrats bring more campaign money, but, whatever works!

    From now until November, signs and flyers with the truth and candidates names must be on every street corner and in every mailbox!!! Lets show the BOS who is BOSS!

  2. “Career Politicans” What a joke. Do you know how much they make for being on the Board of Supervisors?? 20K a year. Wow, big money. All of the members of the board of supervisors have full time jobs but still take the time to listen to the bickering of some pathetic people. Did you hear we have congress and a president?? I’m sure your just as upset at their policies that have innocent children dying. Oh you probably don’t care about that, only that your neighborhood stays quiet. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  3. The Board of Supervisors–actually the voting bloc of Setliff, McGhee, Ward and Gordon–are so far out of touch with the people. The Comp Plan was rammed though last night by this Gang of Four who purport to have the welfare of the citizens at heart. Their actions continue to bespeak disdain.

  4. I’m not sure what anonymous was trying to say. I wasn’t sure if they were for Iraq or against. Let me assure you as a family that has seen up close, first hand, the blood of the injured soldiers at Fallujah and Mosel, yes I am concerned about Americas children dying in Iraq for an illegal war based on vendetta and oil! The same culture of corruption that plagues the BOS who ignore the majority and the facts for some other motivation. Hmmm, what could that be? When Science, Math and just plain logic are cast aside and decisions made that have failed in every instance since the 50’s, logical minded people want to see a serious slow down in growth.

    Let’s see, build, build, build, crowded, move further out for quite, build, build, build, move further out. Then the places you moved from attract lower income families, the taxes are too much, the schools are crowded, crime, foreclosures, urban decay! And with the gas prices slated to hit $4.00 a gal within a year so Exxon Corp can have another Record year like the last two, no longer can anyone afford to move further out for quite.

    I think it’s time for a change, here, just like Washington!

    Come on person, Wake Up!

  5. Let’s take a vote on this, citizens of Hanover County: How may of you are in favor of impeachment for four supervisors?

    It appears that Mr. McGhee, Mr. Ward and Mr. Gordon, as well as Chairman Setliff think of themselves as dictators instead of representatives. I feel sure that when election time rolls around, they will learn better.

    Thank you Mr. Stanley, Mr. Wade and Mr. Ernst for doing what you were elected to do, speaking for the citizens of your district.

  6. I would think if a petition for removal of Board members and dropping the Comp Plan was signed by an overwhelming percentage of Hanover citizens, then they would have to respond and step down! I’d sign it in a heartbeat. I’m sick and tired of living in a political dictatorship instead of a Democracy!

  7. Lets face the truth. They won. They got their plan no matter the motivation$$$$$$$. Between now and Novemeber everyone will forget. Why, because no one is doing anything now! There are no Candidates! And at the rate of speed the Hanover Social Club is moving,(Hanover County Democrats), There won’t be any candidates or no one will every hear about them. Get ready for Urban Spraw, crowed schools, and services stetched thin! The Republican way to the future!

  8. Just to respond to the previous poster: they haven’t won by a long shot. I beleive that you will some very strong candidates get elected in November. We only need to elect ONE Supervisor to shift the balance of power towards favoring smarter growth solutions….I feel much more optimistic than you. If the Hanover County Dems are “social club” – it’s a club I’d rather hang with any day.

  9. Supervisors don’t get impeached; but they ARE subject to a recall vote! And BTW, there ARE candidates stepping up. Three have already announced and there will be more. Promise. Watch the news.

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