Proposed Development at Lee Davis & Pole Green

A new development of townhouses (approx. 59 units) and a business have been proposed at the corner of Lee Davis and Pole Green Roads. The development would destroy the field behind the Exxon station and local produce stand. L. McCauley Chenault is handling this development and the zoning request is GPINs 8725-07-0186 and 8715-96-8701 (aka the Harris
property). The proposed plan includes buildings to be located around 15 feet from existing property lines in Laurel Meadows Subdivision.

A community meeting will be held on April 30th at 7 p.m. at Pole Green Church of Christ.

Citizens just learned that the developer is submitting a change to his request: the townhouses will be age-restricted (age 55+). This change is unacceptable because the number of townhouses create too much density on this particular parcel. One resident said, “It might look as bad as Legacy Park, located at the end of Shane Edmonds Lane in the Laurel Meadows Subdivision.”

Please attend the meeting and/or send letters to the planning commissioner, Elizabeth Moorhouse (Henry District) as well as the Hanover County planning department regarding this proposed development, especially before the public hearing (date forthcoming).


3 Responses

  1. Good luck with this problem, they have ignored mine for two years. The Planning Department and the BOS think only of Developers! Just as they ignored the citizens over the Comp Plan, I feel they will ignore you.

    We moved here and bought a house in Mechanicsville two years ago when choices were few. A new house on a new street. Just 6 new house on a new street all on the left side surrounded by existing 3 – 5 acre properties. Little did we know we were screwed from the start. The Developer and the Seller and his agent all in on it , did not , ever, disclose that they had placed a “Sub Division Buffer on my actual property to keep from having to develop a common area! Developer and Sellers Agent both from Long and Foster. The DPOR failed to find fault so all I can do is litigate, “When we sell”! I pay taxes on a half acre yet I only have control of 1/3rd acre! They took 50 x 145 feet of my property and to rub salt in the wound, they planted 37 trees that have all died twice! There are always dead trees on my property. And now they say it is my responsibility to maintain 37 dying trees and a side walk to far from the road to do any good and starts at the base of a huge power pole.

    There are no other sidewalks in the area and there are no other properties with dying trees planted in two rows buffering nothing! I never even have say in the type of tree and hired a National Arborist a year and a half ago who gave them a report saying, The trees are going to die! Nothing!

    When asked if it was proper to allow Sub Division Buffers to be placed on private property and made the responsibility of the single homeowner, Jack Ward and the BOS said yes, it’s OK to take your property! And they have strung me along for two years, never meaning to do anything; sort of like the Comp Plan!

    I have asked for it to be vacated, shown just cause and logic for doing so and the illogic of placing the buffer! But as we have seen in the Comp Plan, logic plays no part in their decisions. The current BOS will only change plans and ordinances or give exceptions on issues they want resolved quickly and have done so numerous times. But tell me they are working on it, for two years?

    Obviously the motivations of the BOS are something more than what meets the eye! When Logic and Science are cast aside and skewed numbers used to prove their points and will not listen to the majority, well?

    The answer to your problem, the Com Plan and my problem comes in November and requires every common sense resident of Hanover County to vote in a voice the BOS cannot ignore! Candidates are stepping forward. It’s time for a change, a fresh start in Hanover County!

  2. Sadly and obviously, no one but a very very few even know this site exists and/or comments. And the Mechanicsville Local is being slowly but surely controled by someone! Must be an election year and money buys anything in this county!

  3. Age-restricted housing is a way to discriminate against families AND against the disabled. I am disabled and and almost fifty and have tried to get in the age-restricted communities (for purchase and for rent) for several years, including within the past few months. Despite the fact my husband is over fifty, I have not been allowed to apply for any of the communities. The communities clearly are built with accessibility in mind, where other homes these days aren’t.

    One-floor homes in Hanover with the accessibility assets aren’t readily available, and the disabled aren’t able to afford to custom build homes. We looked for homes that fit that description, as well as for land. The Board of Supervisors want to limit land use presently it seems to dense home use and to shopping centers everywhere.

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