Yowell and Hickory Hill Rezonings Denied!

The Planning Commission, during their November 16 meeting, heard impassioned input from citizens and developers’ representatives, but when the time came for a vote, denied both the Yowell Road and Hickory Hill rezoning requests.

Commissioners split 5-2 to deny the Yowell Road plan. Hickory Hill was denied on a 7-0 vote.

Citizens opposed the Yowell Road development on many grounds. They cited existing wetlands and runoff problems, too high density, lack of design integrity with the town of Ashland, insensitivity of the developers to citizen queries and exacerbation of traffic problems.

On the controversial Hickory Hill rezoning, speakers generally thought a rural cluster, RC zoning, was a suitable fit in the county, but questioned the 277-unit density, pointing to the amount of traffic which would ensue. Several citizens also wanted to see a more vigorous effort at historic preservation in and around the Hickory Hill home and dependencies.


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