Planning Commission Work Session Tonight!

November 30th – 7:00 p.m.

Where does the Planning Commission stand on the proposed Comprehensive Plan changes?

Do they support an almost 70% increase over the existing SSA?

Do they support a transportation plan that opens up large parts of rural Hanover for development?

What are their strategies for rural conservation?

During the update process for the Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Commission has held public workshops at the high schools and public work sessions for input. After reading the ROUGH DRAFT of the Comprehensive Plan Update, its apparent that citizens are not being heard.

Citizens have overwhelmingly told the PC that they want to preserve the rural character of Hanover and do not support the current proposed update of the Comp Plan. Please attend this work session and ask the PC:

* To delete the proposed areas of expansion for the SSA.

* To refuse the transportation plan that was presented on November 14 — it paves over Hanover and opens up large expanses of rural land for development.

* To hire a consultant for rural preservation and green infrastructure.

It is time for the Planning Commission to tell us where they stand and whether they support the vast majority of Hanover Citizens who want to see a planning approach that honors rural preservation and common sense growth.

Your Choices – Your Voices – are needed.

See you tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the County Administration Bldg., Hanover Courthouse.


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