Historic road threatened by truck traffic

VDOT Seeks Your Comment… 
…Restricting Trucks on Historic Road
Hickory Hill Road stretches from Hanover Courthouse to Rt. 1 north of Ashland; it’s part of the very old history of Hanover County. It passes through two historic farms, Hickory Hill and South Wales. The road has recently been resurfaced making it appealing to trucks to use as a short cut!
We don’t need or want trucks barreling down this scenic, country road. The majority of the road is barely wide enough for two cars to pass, or a car and farm equipment. Safety of bicyclists and wildlife are equally a concern.
Hickory Hill Road is being considered for through truck restriction by VDOT. That’s good! VDOT is asking for your comments – by phone or mail. This is an easy, no-brainer – support the restriction.
Regional Traffic Engineer
2430 Pine Forest Drive
Colonial Heights, VA
When you call, you’ll get a recording that asks you to leave a message about the restriction. Simply done!

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