Suburban Walk and Talk

Suburban Walk & Talk in Mechanicsville

in collaboration with

Partnership for Smarter Growth
and Tricycle Gardens

How is Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville
becoming a catalyst for inclusive planning, increased connectivity and walkability?

June 9th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Bon Secours’ Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville

Register today, space is limited!

Features a panel discussion, Q&A, complimentary refreshments from Ellwood Thompsons, local Grayhaven Wine for purchase, and a tour of the Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville including an edible garden. 

Opening Remarks:

  • Jason Smith, Healthy Communities Liaison, Bon Secours Virginia, welcome 

  • The Honorable Deborah B. Winans, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and Mechanicsville District Representative, on the importance of community planning


  • Trip Pollard, Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center,on regional context and overview of series and health impact of community design 

  • Dougal Hewitt, Senior Vice President for Mission, Bon Secours Virginia, on Bon Secours charrette processes and committment to healthy hospitals and communities

Panel Participants:

  • Tommy Thompson, Village of Mechanicsville Association, on the community’s efforts to improve walkability and connectivity in Mechanicsville;

  • Invited, Hanover County Planning Department Representative, on the role of the County;

  • Pattie Bland, Chair, Coalition for Hanover’s Future, on the role of the citizen in planning processes;

  • Laura Lafayette, Richmond Association of REALTORS, on market trends and the importance of reinvesting in our suburban communities.

Additional Participants:

  • Will Snyder, Tricycle Gardens, on the Healing Garden;

  • Larry Hagan, GRTC Transit System, on GRTC Transit System’s role;

  • Joe Vidunas, Department of Public Works, Hanover County, on the  processes to finance improvement projects.

ABOUT BON SECOURS’ MRMC CAMPUS AND THE SURROUNDING AREA:  Memorial Regional Medical Center, a 70-acre medical campus, is preparing for its next collaborative, community-based planning  and design charrette. This method for community planning is being used to increase social integration, community benefit, environmental responsibility, and economic sustainability.  The planning process will look at campus design, as well as give address concerns voiced in the community about access to public spaces, bicycle and pedestrian safety, public transport, affordable housing, land use, and other environmental and sustainability concerns that impact community health.


Please join us to walk, talk, and explore

the health benefits of where and how we grow!


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