Planning Commission denies Giles Farm request

By a vote of 6-1, the Hanover County Planning Commission denied the rezoning request by Hanover Development, LLC for the Giles Farm tract.

The 268-acre tract would feature 442 units: 122 townhomes and 320 single family homes.

Many issues identified in the first public hearing on October 21 were not resolved by the November 18 public hearing.

Two traffic challenges in particular were foremost in the remarks of the Commission and the citizens, respectively: the one-road access to the more densely planned back portion of the property and the road connections between the Giles Farm tract and Atlee Manor.

The Commission felt the one-road ingress/egress posed a safety problem in the event of natural disaster or emergency. Atlee Manor citizens spoke against the road connections, fearing cut-through traffic speed and volume through their neighborhood.

Commissioner Harold Padgett moved to approve with a provision to remove the neighborhood road connections to Atlee Manor. The motion failed 5-2. Commissioner Joe O’Connor then moved to deny the request, citing unsatisfactory responses by the applicant to Commission’s suggestion regarding phasing the buildout in the rear portion. Mr. Padgett cast the dissenting vote.


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