Is PARTNERSHIP possible?

Over the past year, through extremely limited opportunities, citizens have questioned the flawed assumptions on which the current draft of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is based. An overwhelming majority of citizens have expressed concern about the magnitude and expansion of the Suburban Service Area (SSA).

Following months of letters to the editors, handouts, op-ed pieces, calls and emails to the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Department, along with attending numerous meetings and speaking (when allowed), there appears to be NO discernable evidence that the efforts of concerned citizens have had any impact on the revised version of the Comprehensive Plan. Although citizens were listened to, they were not heard.

Without substantial changes, the current draft of the Comprehensive Plan will accelerate residential and commercial growth resulting in the type of sprawl many other localities, including Henrico and Chesterfield, are experiencing. Citizens have asked for COMMON SENSE growth that is phased, appropriate and forward thinking—characteristics evidenced in several other Comprehensive Plans in Virginia localities and across the nation. Why are citizens voices falling upon deaf ears?

Given the total disregard of citizen concerns, residents of Hanover still look hopefully and expectantly to their elected representatives to respond by revisiting and amending this proposed Comprehensive Plan – to make it reflect the community’s desire to preserve Hanover county’s unique character and sense of place.

We are at a historic fork in the road. By re-visioning this Plan in a manner that includes the citizens of Hanover in a meaningful, proactive, and cooperative partnership, the Board of Supervisors will help restore our faith in representative democracy and make Hanover an even greater place to live, work, and play.


2 Responses

  1. I also cannot believe the stubborn arrogance of the Board and the planning commission. Obviously, some of you good Hanover residents have far better common sense than the current Board Members!

    Regardless of the good these men may have done in the past, they have turned to the dark side!

    As I am a temporary Hanover resident I have traveled these United States for 30 years in the Military. I have seen good and bad communities and corrupt Supervisors, Mayors, City and County employees, all jailed for corruption, It seems once you get comfortable in a job and the influence of Rich Contractors, looking to pad the decision making, turning to the Dark Side is inevitable. There must be some kind of quality Control office of citizens to review every plan and ordinance or code change coming out of the Board and planning office.

    As much as I applaud your continued discussion with the current Supervisors, I feel they are in so deep they cannot change. They must be replaced and new people appointed to the Planning Department. I have had many instances when I was asked to read Contracts and Construction and Renovation plans while in the Military. What these people are doing is Criminal, not just wrong!

    We are witnessing the same arrogance that we witnessed in Washington prior to the elections last November which changed the balance of power in the House and Senate. When all logic and science and common sense does not answer why someone would act this way then one can only deduct that the motivation be either greed or lust of power. The very things that career politicians are made of.

    In light of no means to police the Board as they control the law, the only and best means to solve the problem lies November 6, 2007.

    As we are in the age of change, and watching as obstruction still exists in Washington and in Virginia, I feel the anger of reasonable common sense people will once again prevail in November 2007 and 2008!

  2. A partnership isn’t possible because paternalism suffuses the Hanover County government. The Comp Plan update was never about partnership in creating a community vision.

    In its monomaniacal pursuit of revenue, the County has panicked. If the Comp Plan update is approved, they have abandoned a position of measured, incremental growth that keeps expenses under control.

    “Getting and spending we lay waste our powers. . .”

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