Ashland Town Council approves Ironhorse CPA 3-2

In its May 16 meeting Town Council took action on the “action item” CPA2022-06 Ironhorse Business Park. In a vote of 3-2, with Mayor Steve Trivett and Council member Kathy Abbott casting dissenting votes.

“Confusion” might be a good descriptor for the evening. There was never a clear format for discussion or input, though public comment was taken. Council members expressed their concerns and visions for the Ironhorse proposal’s effects on Ashland into the future, but their discussion did not result in a unified position. The motion process, with several missteps, was also hard to follow.

Developers have promised a rezoning application would be filed soon after a CPA approval. Town officials have promised citizens will have ample opportunities for input on specifics as the rezoning case goes forward.

The stage is set for the next act.


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