Ironhorse on May 16 Town Council docket

Ashland Town Council will take up consideration of CPA2022-06 Ironhorse Business Park at its May 16 meeting at 6:30 p.m. in Council chambers. This meeting was termed “a continuation of the public meeting” when announced in the May 8 Town-citizen meeting. It is unknown if Council will take public comment.

Developer has said a rezoning application will be filed soon after this comprehensive plan amendment is approved by Ashland. To address citizen worries that the level of detail is already fixed for the flex warehouse development, Town officials have assured citizens that they will have opportunity to have input on various aspects as the rezoning case goes through its process.

Citizens are finding this assurance condescending and insufficient.

Notable concerns with the proposal include:

  • additional traffic at this overloaded interstate node;
  • environmental damage to wetlands and groundwater;
  • loss of green and open space;
  • compromise of existing residential neighborhoods and roads;
  • hardening of the suburban-rural transition; and
  • excessive warehouses adding to a bloated inventory.

Citizens need to keep speaking up before the CPA is passed. This development is a threat to quality of life that Town and County residents value.


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