Ashland Town Council to hold Ironhorse community meeting May 8

The Ironhorse Business Park proposal is again up for scrutiny and inquiry. 

Ashland Town Council authorized a community meeting for Monday, May 8, 6:00 p.m., in Town Hall, following its 5-0 vote on April 18 to defer action on CPA2022-06 Ironhorse Business Park. 

This is an opportunity for citizens to ask questions, voice concerns and advocate for wise and inspired land use planning as the community contemplates this development juggernaut.

Background of the proposal:

Applicant is seeking to change the land use on approximately 120 acres in the Town to Interstate Commercial, Office/Industrial and Open Space. A rezoning application would then be filed for a development of 1.9 million square feet of flex warehouses and a commercial strip of gas stations, hotel and quick in/out restaurants east along Rte 54.

Another parcel of similar size lies in the County and is the other portion of the Ironhorse Business Park.

Community Meeting Agenda and Format:

Per the Town website, this will be a two-part meeting:

6:00-6:30 p.m. – Citizens visit stations set up with maps, renderings and diagrams; speak with Town staff; and submit questions or comments on index cards.

6:30-8:30 p.m. – Town staff will assemble index cards; read all comments aloud; and respond. All questions and comments will be read.

See this link for fuller description of the community meeting:

Click here for an overview of the proposal and the full application. Questions about the application ahead of the meeting should be sent to or call (804) 798-9219.

The next Town Council meeting is Tuesday, May 16, when Council is expected to take action on CPA2022-06, Ironhorse Business Park

Notable concerns:

Residents have raised concerns about additional traffic at this overloaded interstate node; environmental damage to wetlands and groundwater; loss of green and open space; compromise of existing residential neighborhoods and roads; hardening of the suburban-rural transition; and excessive warehouses adding to a bloated inventory.

Attend the meeting. Ask questions. Express your concerns. The citizen voice matters.


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