Town Council defers Ironhorse CPA for 30 days

At their March 21 meeting, Ashland Town Council voted 5-0 to defer the comprehensive plan amendment application for Ironhorse Business Park (CPA2022-06) for 30 days.

A provision of the deferral is to hold a joint community meeting of Town and County citizens, planning staffs and developer before Council’s April 18 meeting.

About 20 citizens spoke at the hearing and many wrote emails and letters to Town Council ahead of the public hearing. Residents noted traffic problems currently occurring on and around Mount Hermon Road and adjacent neighborhoods as well as environmental degradation and overabundance of warehouse square footage.

The comprehensive plan amendment is needed in order to change the land use to Interstate Commercial, Office/Industrial and Open Space from its existing “East Ashland” zoning (in 2010) of Interstate commercial, Traditional Neighborhood, Town Edge and Open Space.

A rezoning application will likely follow after the CPA is approved.

The citizen voice matters. Thank you for your voice.


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