Ironhorse Business Park juggernaut starting to roll

In its February 8 meeting, the Ashland Planning Commission voted 3-2 to approve a comprehensive land use amendment (CPA2022-08) for applicant Ironhorse Business Park. The public hearing was a continuation of the January 11 hearing.

Town Council had authorized up to 180 days for Commission to take action. This CPA got passed to Town Council with speed reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner.

The CPA lays the groundwork for a followup rezoning application for Ironhorse Business Park, approximately 100 acres, at the intersection of I-95 and Rte 54. A rezoning application for its “twin”, approximately 120 acres on the Hanover County side, has been filed.

What’s in the massive Ironhorse Business Park proposal? Commercial, flex warehouse and townhomes. Oh, my.

Issues and concerns arise: traffic overloading and cut-through, commercial sprawl down Rte 54, environmental compromise along the Mt. Hermon/Mechumps Creek corridor, excessive warehouse square footage added to an already large inventory and more.

Now is the time for citizens to request joint Town-County community meetings. Contact Director of Planning and Community Development Nora Amos: and Senior Director of Community Development Jo Ann Hunter:

Let your voice be heard. Thank you.


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