November 30 target date: citizen input needed for Ashland Comp Plan and County Strategic Plan

When both Ashland and Hanover County are currently in Comprehensive Plan updates, now is the time for residents to carefully consider all matters related to land use. If Town and County want good quality of life for their citizens, then joint engagement for a comprehensive view makes sense, especially on development at their boundaries. No tunnel vision allowed.

Questions of how, where and what type of growth raise many issues and require foresight and thoughtful consideration.

  • Is more residential needed? Where? How dense?
  • How can a locality grow, yet avoid environmental and aesthetic destruction?
  • Are there sufficient housing options for varied income levels?
  • How much commercial and industrial is warranted? 
  • How can adjacent zoning types be more compatible? 
  • Are there sufficient roads and other public works infrastructure to support growth? 
  • Is there a strong long term plan to preserve rural land? 
  • Can transitions between suburban and rural be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound?
  • How will growth mitigate or aggravate traffic volume and patterns?
  • Can better environmental site standards be required of developers?
  • Can green space be strategically retained, whether in commercial or residential development?

Important meeting:  Town of Ashland will hold an open house public input session on its Comp Plan Wednesday, November 30, 5-7 p.m. at the Patrick Henry YMCA. Plan to attend and give voice to your thoughts. Email your input:

Deadline fast approaching: comment needed by November 30 for draft Strategic Plan . . .

Hanover County’s draft 5-year Strategic Plan is headed to the Board of Supervisors for its approval Wednesday, December 14 in its 2:00 p.m. session. With very little notice or time, citizens are now on a tight deadline to read and comment on the massive 87-page Strategic Plan.

Visit to read the draft Plan. 

Email comments to:

The enormity of the document challenges the reader to absorb content and consider implications. Numerous goals, objectives and timelines freight the chapters on Economic Development, Engagement and Stewardship, Public Safety, Community, Human Services and Education. 

Questions arise. Will adoption of the Strategic Plan divert vital attention and activity from the County’s ongoing Comprehensive Land Use Plan update? Is the County encumbering itself and the citizens unduly?

Hanover County is loading its plate. Citizens have a lot to digest.


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