Hickory Grove denied by Supervisors

Applications to usher in the massive 52-acre Hickory Grove high density residential and commercial development at the intersection of Rte 54 and Providence Church Road were both denied by Supervisors in a public hearing Wednesday, August 24.

Supervisors voted 6-1 to deny the comprehensive plan amendment (CPA2021-00001) for a land use change to Commercial, Suburban General and Suburban High. On a 7-0 vote, the rezoning request (REZ2021-00014) for the 203 townhomes and three speculative commercial sites, was denied.

The interstate-type commercial and high density residential posed incompatible uses adjacent to the existing single family homes along Jamestown Road, Burleigh Drive, Rte 54 and the Providence, Woodside and Wintercrest neighborhoods.

Hanover citizens have long favored retention of rural character by preserving a gradual transition between suburban and rural. With its commercial and high density residential components, this development was the antithesis of a gradual transition.

Traffic volume itself was a big issue. CHF calculated 4725 additional weekday daily traffic vehicle trips (vpd) would be generated under Suburban General, Suburban High and Commercial land use.

Go here to see the calculations for the proposal with the above land uses versus Suburban General only.

CHF and citizens consistently cited the negative effects of the Hickory Grove development: increased traffic on Rte 54 and cut-through traffic to adjacent roads and neighborhoods; destruction of rural viewshed; leapfrogging commercial from the I-95 corridor; more light, noise and litter pollution.

CHF continues to advocate for gradual transitions to rural areas and appropriate juxtaposition of land uses — both vital topics to consider under a comprehensive approach to land use planning. 


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