Hickory Grove public hearing is August 24; mammoth proposal has mammoth issues

Hickory Hill II, LLC (the applicant) needs both a comprehensive plan amendment (CPA2021-00001) and a rezoning (REZ2021-00014) for its proposed Hickory Grove development.

First, Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPA2021-00001 is needed by applicant to change land use to Commercial, Suburban High and Suburban General.

This Comprehensive Plan Amendment is an inappropriate land use change for this area:  

  • It hardens the transition between suburban and rural along Rte 54 
  • Encourages leapfrogging commercial sprawl from the I-95 corridor 
  • Suburban High residential and Commercial land uses are not compatible with the existing Suburban General (residential-single family homes) on Woodside Lane or the two nearby Rural Cluster developments

Second, the companion Rezoning REZ2021-00014 for Business and Residential is also an inappropriate land use change for this area

  • Traffic: This rezoning would add an estimated 4820 additional vehicle trips per day. I-95 is gridlocked on a daily basis and turns into a parking lot on weekends. Numerous cars, tractor trailers and other vehicles seek alternate routes on East Patrick Henry Road, Mt. Hermon Road and Goddins Hill Road. This is dangerous!
  • Residential: Suburban General and Suburban High will bring:
  • 203 residential units on 42 acres (72 townhomes on 24.24 acres, Suburban General; 131 townhomes on 18.73 acres, Suburban High) 
  • Average density of 4.72 dwelling units per acre
  • Commercial (9 acres) fronts on Rte 54 and is inappropriate for this area:
  • Three (3) speculative commercial parcels are proposed on 9 acres fronting on East Patrick Henry Road 
  • Overbuilding in the face of declining demand as well as existing commercial vacancies on west side of I-95
  • Business hours unknown
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic
  • Encourages sprawl into rural transition area
  • Incompatible with existing residential neighborhoods
  • Compromises the historic corridor from Ashland to the Courthouse

In short, the Hickory Grove development threatens:

  • destruction of the rural viewshed east of Ashland
  • increased traffic on overburdened Rte 54 and adjacent roads
  • cut-through traffic on Jamestown Road, Mt. Hermon Road, and Goddins Hill Road
  • leapfrog interstate commercial a mile from the I-95 corridor 
  • light and noise pollution, increased impervious surface 
  • environmental degradation, loss of rural character

The public hearing for CPA2021-00001 and REZ2021-00014 is

Wednesday, August 24, 6:00 p.m.

at the Board of Supervisors meeting in the County Administration Boardroom.

If you cannot attend and speak, please contact your Supervisors:

Faye O. Prichard (Ashland District), foprichard@hanovercounty.gov

R. Allen Davidson (Beaverdam District), radavidson@hanovercounty.gov

Angela Kelly-Wiecek (Chickahominy District), chair, ackelly@hanovercounty.gov

F. Michael Herzberg (Cold Harbor District), fmherzberg@hanovercounty.gov

Sean Davis (Henry District), vice chair, smdavis@hanovercounty.gov

W. Canova Peterson (Mechanicsville District), wcpeterson@hanovercounty.gov

Susan P. Dibble (South Anna District), spdibble@hanovercounty.gov

Go HERE to read the CHF Position Paper for CPA2021-0001, Hickory Hill II, LLC, comprehensive plan amendment

Don’t allow your future to be handed to you!

Let your voice be heard for a good quality of life in Hanover.


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