Updates from County and Town: Hickory Grove, Ashcake Road Landfill, Luck Farm Market

Gnarly issues characterize three applications coming up for Hanover Planning Commission public hearings Thursday, June 16, 6:00 p.m. 

Hickory Hill, LLC will present two cases (CPA2021-00001 and REZ2021-00014) as it seeks to move forward with a bulked up Hickory Grove project on 52 acres at the intersection of Rte 54 and Providence Church Road. 

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment requests a land use change to Commercial, Suburban General and Suburban High residential (the latter allows 3-7 dwelling units/acre). A rezoning proposes townhomes and three speculative commercial pad sites.

This project featuring dense residential and interstate commercial is completely out of sync with the current semi-rural character east of Ashland.

Ashcake Road Landfill, Inc. (CUP2021-00001) for years has been permitted uses for a construction debris dump and a borrow pit on 232 acres. The applicant now seeks an amendment to close the landfill and convert the borrow pit to a new landfill. 

The historic, African-American Brown Grove community is set up for the perfect storm of a mishandled traffic study, environmental degradation and encroachment on its historic features.

Documents for both cases may be seen at this link.

Deferred by Ashland Planning Commission after June 8 hearing . . .

The Luck Farm Market project (CPA2022-03 and REZ22-0414) will be further considered at the Commission’s July 13 meeting. The Commission has 120 days from its May meeting to act.

Stay in touch with County and Town officials: https://hanoversfuture.org/Contacts/

The future is being planned now. Give voice to your vision.


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