Visual Preference Survey needs citizen input

Hanover citizens: what are your design preferences? Take the survey now.

Envision Hanover has posted a Visual Preference Survey to gather input from citizens regarding “the design of future neighborhoods, employment areas, and development within Hanover County.” 

What makes development more aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound and people friendly? The height of structures, arrangement of vegetative buffers, width of sidewalks and roads, retention and siting of green spaces and right-sizing of asphalt and other impervious surfaces are all important considerations for well-conceived design.

This survey is a vital part of the Comp Plan update process. It is imperative that citizen stakeholders make their wishes known regarding good design standards for future development. “Anywhere, USA” is not an acceptable standard.

Take the visual preference survey (link) now. The survey closes at 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 13, 2022.

Sign up to receive regular Envision Hanover email updates at

The citizen voice matters. Thank you for speaking up!


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