Hanover Planning process: require pre-application?

Goochland County, Hanover’s western neighbor also under development pressure, requires both a pre-application and a community meeting prior to accepting a rezoning application. More time for all stakeholders — citizens, County and developer — to engage in a less fraught process sounds like common sense policy.

Planning in Hanover is freighted with the numbing details of Planning Department-applicant negotiations until a case is deemed ready for prime time in the numbing pressure cooker of public hearings. Even before public hearings, citizens must jump into a process already underway in order to give or get information.

A recent article in Richmond Bizsense highlights the planning for a 100-acre residential proposal in Goochland County. See link: https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/03/30/more-than-100-homes-planned-for-land-across-from-richmond-country-club/#newsletter

Perhaps Hanover could add this to its Planning toolbox?


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