Hickory Grove rezoning denied in 7-0 vote

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to deny the rezoning request by Hickory Hill, II, LLC for its Hickory Grove MX/B-2 development (REZ2019-00019) in the March 10 public hearing.

Many troubling issues with probable bad outcomes loomed with this application: a flawed traffic study, environmental degradation, destroyed viewshed, massive traffic increase on overburdened Rte 54, commercial businesses (a proposed 5 high volume, high traffic restaurants with drive-through or pick-up) over a mile from the I-95 interchange, noise, trash, light pollution and more.

This MX/B-2 proposed development would have included 100 age-restricted townhomes and 9 acres of commercial establishments. The “village” and “walkable” concepts never seemed attainable in this poorly sited development floated out into a semi-rural transition area.

A total of 364 citizens signed the Keep Hanover Rural/Protect Scenic Rte 54 petition. They affirmed that this rezoning was out of synch with the rural environment. Petitioners and speakers at the public hearing voiced their strong convictions about protecting good quality of life in Hanover County.


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