Hickory Grove: traffic, environmental, economic issues

The Hickory Grove MX-B-2 rezoning request still presents a knot of issues as yet unresolved after more than a year of tinkering. The main fact remains: the 51.5-acre parcel for the proposed development is simply the wrong site.

A massive jump in traffic volume will result on the already overburdened Rte 54. Bob Nelson’s analysis of the applicant’s traffic study reveals it is fatally flawed. 

Mr. Nelson summarizes his argument in these points:

* East Ashland’s traffic and proffered road improvements must be reflected in the Hickory Grove TIA in compliance with express VDOT Guidelines and the county’s Transportation Policy.

* The approved TIA for East Ashland and its proffered road improvements govern and remain valid and must be fully considered in the Hickory Grove TIA.

* Given material misrepresentations and deviations from the VDOT Guidelines and the county’s Transportation Policy, an unsigned Hickory Grove scoping form should not be accepted.

* East Ashland proffered road improvements have not been shown to mitigate Hickory Grove trips, it is unsupported conjecture.

* Hickory Grove’s proffered road improvements are inadequate and based on a flawed TIA, no proffer credits are warranted

*A background annual growth rate of 6.2% is supported.

Read his full analysis:


Additionally, a short list of other problems with the Hickory Grove proposal includes:

  • Obliteration of the suburban-rural transition, destroying scenic rural beauty on the Rte 54 Ashland to Hanover Courthouse corridor;
  • Environmental degradation of site preparation: timbering, scraping and compaction adding more impervious surface and removing green space;
  • Rerouting of historic Providence Church Road, further chipping away at Hanover history
  • Gridlock, noise, light pollution and trash for adjacent neighbors: Jamestown Road, Woodside Estates, Providence, Burleigh Drive and Rte 54.

This development cannot be tailored in any way to make it appropriate for this site. Ashland and Hanover citizens will be left with a bad product born of a flawed process. 


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