Hickory Grove MX/B-2 application prompts citizen petition

The Hickory Grove MX/B-2 rezoning application continues to be a tangled mess. Citizens and three Planning Commissioners have serious doubts regarding this development.

The mixed use development proposes 79,000+ sq. ft. of commercial and retail, including a 2800 sq. ft. fast food restaurant, a 5600 sq. ft. convenience store with 16 fueling stations, two restaurants of 4000 sq. ft. and 7000 sq. ft. and two-story office buildings.

The integrity of the applicant’s traffic study raises alarming concerns about road improvements and cash proffer computations. Hickory Grove would add approximately 7000 vehicle trips per day on an already overburdened Rte 54. Another 33,000 trips would be added if East Ashland is built.

Other unresolved issues still remain regarding this project:

  • Obliteration of the suburban-rural transition, destroying scenic rural beauty on the Rte 54 Ashland to Hanover Courthouse corridor;
  • Environmental degradation of site preparation: timbering, scraping and compaction adding more impervious surface and removing green space;
  • Rerouting of historic Providence Church Road, further chipping away at Hanover history
  • Gridlock, noise, light pollution and trash for the adjacent neighborhoods: Jamestown Road, Woodside Estates, Providence, Burleigh Drive and Rte 54.

To read and sign the petition, please go to:


The Hickory Grove MX/B-2 application goes to a Board of Supervisors’ public hearing November 18, 7:00 p.m. in the County Administration Boardroom.

Let your voice be heard. Contact your Supervisor at:


Refuse to allow your quality of life to be compromised.


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