Hickory Grove traffic analysis severely flawed

One of the numerous problems with the Hickory Grove MX/B-2 rezoning application is the flawed traffic analysis. The totality of commercial and residential traffic, the likely future building of East Ashland (approved in 2010) and road cash proffer calculations have not received the rigorous scrutiny needed for what, if built, will certainly be a bottleneck on Rte 54 east of Ashland.

Bob Nelson has reviewed the TIA and offers these observations in a position paper:

* The Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is fatally flawed, and the Hickory Grove mixed use application should be rejected.

* If the development is not rejected based on the flawed TIA, a residential transportation cash proffer of $930,501 and a commercial/office transportation cash proffer of $8,778,176 are justified under the circumstances and should be approved for Hickory Grove.

* No credits or offsets against the recommended transportation cash proffers are warranted for Hickory Grove road improvements.

Mr. Nelson’s full analysis may be accessed here.


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