Luck property rezoning filed

Barnyard Enterprises, LLC has applied for a rezoning of the Luck property west of Ashland along Rte 54 (West Patrick Henry Road). The applicant seeks a rural conservation (RC) zoning for approximately 260 acres. A RC mandates that 70% of the developable acreage (acreage not in the Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Areas) be placed in a conservation easement.

A Comprehensive Plan amendment must also be approved to make the land use map compatible with the request.

In a community meeting at Patrick Henry High School October 7, 25 citizens turned out to hear the plan and to ask questions.

The design by R-CI builders shows 42 homes, priced in the $450,000-650,000 range, sized 2500-3500 square feet and  served by well and septic.

The development is expected to produce approximately 400+ vehicles trips per day. Because the trips are fewer than 500 daily, a VDOT traffic study is not warranted.Traffic volume is a concern since this stretch of West Patrick Henry Road will eventually see a planned unit development in the Town of Ashland at the Chapman Road intersection. Falling Creek Estates, toward the Blanton Road intersection, is already in place.

Additionally, it is unknown how many students may be added to the numbers already driving to and from Patrick Henry High School as well as to school enrollment overall. A Planning Department official said that the widening of Rte 54 is envisioned for the future, but there is no money at this time for such a roads project.

The cases, C-19-15 (RC) and CPA-2-15 (Comprehensive Plan Amendment) are tentatively slated for a Planning Commission public hearing on November 19. The tentative Board of Supervisors hearing is December 9.

Click here to view site design: RC Luck property

Click here to view the Planning application documents: C-19-15 Barnyard Enterprises, L.L.C., et al.


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