Comp Plan Adjustments Up for Study – Vote on Oct. 17th

A Planning Commission work session, set for 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17th, will be followed by a Public Hearing at 7 p.m. As part of the Public Hearing, each item of the Comp Plan adjustments will be considered separately, not as a group. The work session and PH agendas include the following.

Four land use designation changes in South Anna Magisterial District:

  • vicinity Mountain Rd / Greenwood Rd east of Ashland Rd and west of Winns Church Rd – from 1-4 dwelling units/acre to Planned Business
  • vicinity northwest quadrant intersection Cedar Lane / Washington Hwy – from Limited Industrial to Planned Business
  • vicinity south of Cedar Lane / west of Washington Hwy – from Office/Service to Planned Business
  • vicinity Lakeridge Pkwy / south of Lickinghole Creek – from Office/Service to Planned Business

One land use designation change in the Mechanicsville Magisterial District:

  • vicinity west of Bell Creek / south of Pole Green – from Planned Business to Suburban High (4-8 DU/acre)

One public utility plan change:

  • adding a proposed wastewater pump station vicinity I-95 and CSX rail line south of South Anna River

And finally, a proposed Ordinance change that reflects concerns raised by CHF. The ordinance is not part of the Comp Plan but a question arose as to the distinction between Mixed Use (MX Ordinance) and the new designation of Multi-Use now included in the Comp Plan. The proposal suggests area size and density changes that provide:

  • The MX District is available to properties located within the Suburban Service Area and designated for use as Planned Business Park, Commercial, Suburban High, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, and Multi-Use;
  • No less than 35% of the net developable area in a MX District will be used for Commercial or Industrial development;
  • The maximum permissible density for properties designated as Suburban High and Multi-Family on the General Land Use Plan shall be 8 dwelling units per acre and 15 dwelling units per acre, respectively;
  • The permissible density in an MX District shall be 15 dwelling units per acre in areas designated as Planned Business or Commercial on the General Land Use Plan; and,
  • The existing provisions allowing MX Districts to be served by private water and wastewater systems shall be repealed and that all MX Districts shall be served by public utilities.

The timetable for the meetings addressing the above is:
Planning Commission Work Session
Thursday, October 17th – 4 p.m.

Planning Commission Public Hearing
Thursday, October 17th – 7 p.m.

Hanover County Administration Building – Board Room
7516 County Complex Road – Hanover, VA 23069


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