Upcoming Comp Plan Work Sessions….

Would you recognize a plan that may compromise or erode Hanover’s quality of life? What happens in your backyard or across the county is determined by the Comprehensive Plan. The Comp Plan community meetings concluded and it’s time to find out what the county gleaned from Hanover citizens.

Comp Plan Work Session…Thursday, April 11th, 4 p.m.

The county’s Comprehensive Plan is a 20 year plan and it’s tweaked every five years. The tweaks made to the Comp Plan can have huge implications for the future.

What’s happened so far?

For this round, proposed changes to the Old Telegraph Road/Lakeridge Parkway and Cedar Lane corridors flanking U.S. Rt.1 have been flashpoints for some citizens. Others question the implications of a proposed “rural village” designation as well as increases to residential density.

Where is the process now on the timeline? 

On the heels of six community meetings, the Planning Commission will hold a Comp Plan Work Session this Thursday, April 11th. Although it’s unlikely that the PC will solicit public comment, citizens need to focus on the nuances and minutiae coming out of the work session. 

Listen closely to the discussions taking place and please attend Thursday’s work session.


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