Comp Plan Work Session Set for Oct. 18th

The Planning Commission Work Session will be reviewing and discussing the 2012 Comp Plan Update as scheduled.

Documents are now available by visiting the Hanover County website: from the home page, select 2012 Comprehensive Plan Update in the Special Notices box, then Information for the Work Session. (A direct link is not available?!)

Informal public comment will be accepted.  This PC work session is open to the public.

Three new land use concepts are being introduced and one is being tweaked – Multi-Use, Business-Industrial, Destination Commerce, and Rural Village.

With the exception of Rural Village, we’re uncertain if these concepts apply only to the Suburban Service Area (SSA) designated in the 2007 update, or if these are intended to have a floating application.

The documents also identify several land use planning issues; a little something for everyone:

  • Suburban Residential Density – changing average planned density from 2 dwelling units/acre to 3
  • Rt. 33/Hylas Business Park – possible introduction of other uses because the area is larger than likely to be developed
  • Rt. 1/Cedar Lane Corridor – possible introduction of broader land use classifications
  • Rt. 1 Commercial/Industrial Land use Pattern – possible creation of a new land use category allowing both industrial and business zoning
  • Pole Green Road – possible expansion of Multi-Use application along corridor
  • Creighton/Cold Harbor Land Use Designations – add designations that will expand investment options

We’d like to know:

  • Is any adjustment to the SSA intended?
  • What is the appreciable difference between the existing Mixed-Use and the suggested Multi-Use designations?
  • Why is Multi-Use deemed a good idea for the Rt. 33/Hylas Business Park that was supposed to be perfect for Mixed-Use?
  • Is ‘Business-Industrial ‘ a designation that will allow the continued stripping of Rt. 301? Or Pole Green for that matter?
  • Will there be a designation for the newly identified “Historic Route 1”?

You were invited to bring your thoughts and comments to the update process through three community meetings. This Work Session may address some of the ideas you generated.

The Comp Plan is where the rubber meets the road.
The document guides where and how we grow.


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