Key County Players Meet Tomorrow to Review Comprehensive Plan!

The Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Economic Development Authority will review preliminary issues identified by staff. Expect the BOS to authorize the Planning Commission to formally begin the 2012 update to the Comprehensive Plan.

WHEN:  Wednesday, June 13, 2 p.m.

WHERE:   Richmond Times-Dispatch Hanover Production Facility, 8460 Times-Dispatch Blvd., Mechanicsville

  • Updating current demographic and socioeconomic data to evaluate changes that influence growth forecasts.
  • Reconciling suburban residential land use policies with adopted zoning regulations.
  • Evaluating policies that guide Economic Development Zones (EDZs).
  • Assessing the recommendations for Small Area Plans (SAPs) to determine consistency with current development trends.
  • Evaluating the Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP).  Is it adequate to meet traffic projections based on potential land use changes?

View or download the .pdf of the Agenda Item X-Joint Meeting-BoS, PC, EDA to Initiate Review and Update the Comp Plan 2012

Ashland plans may include…more fuel, more floors

The Ashland Planning Commission will hear proposals for two zoning amendments and one Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

WHAT:    Public Hearing

WHEN:    Wednesday, June 13, 7 p.m.

WHERE:  Ashland Town Hall, Council Chambers, 101 Thompson St., Ashland

The PC will consider:

  •  An amendment to the “Planned Shopping Center District” that would permit convenience stores with fuel sales (with a CUP)
  • This would also allow an additional monument sign and it seems apparent that this first amendment needs to be approved in order for the next amendment to go forward.
  • An amendment to allow Martin’s (Giant) to build a retail fuel center on the property – the current Town Comp Plan indicates this would be an appropriate use.
  • A CUP request by the Virginia Truck Center to allow a building exceeding 35 feet high on the east side of Washington Hwy just north of Jamestown Road.  The current Twon Comp PLan indicates this would be an appropriate use.

Your Planning Commissioners need to hear from you!

Attend public hearings and voice your concerns.

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