High Speed Internet?

High Speed Internet not very…?

The Committee appointed to study citizen concerns will report to the Boardof Supervisors on Wednesday, Feb. 8th.

Providence Creek development returns to the Planning Commission on Thursday, Feb 16th.

Conclusion of the Jan. 25th Board of Supervisors’ Comp Plan Workshop is provided below – there’s more to come on the Comp Plan.

February seems to be the month to review and/or amend ordinances. The County will do so on Wednesday, Feb. 8th and Ashland Town Council will do so on Tuesday, Feb. 21st. Both government entities have websites where the proposed amendments can be viewed.

Board of Supervisors Meeting, Wednesday, February 8th, 2 p.m.

High Speed Internet Committee Report at 2:15 p.m.

In 2010 an ad hoc citizen’s group was appointed by John Gordon, then South Anna District Supervisor. Based on the recommendations from this group, the Board of Supervisors appointed a committee to further investigate high-speed Internet concerns. The full report will be available on the County website after the 2/8 presentation; the September 2010 report is currently available. CHF applauds the work of the Committee and endorses its recommendations.

Public Hearing begins at 7 p.m. Among other items, two businesses are asking for Special Exception Permits to allow larger and taller signs than permitted – Sheehy Investments (Ashland District) and Kings Dominion (Beaverdam District).

CHF wonders why the County has a Sign Ordinance if exceptions are so readily sought and can be easily granted without review by the Planning Commission. One of the aspects that makes visiting towns in New England, or a town like Charlevoix, MI, so pleasant is their very tight control over signs.

Changes for “Providence”…Mixed-Use is Out, Stoplight is In

On 2/16, the Planning Commission will reconsider requested changes for the development previously known as “Providence Creek”, located on the east side of Woodside Lane (Beaverdam District). The developer has requested zoning changes that would allow 160 residential units, a gross density of 2.53 units per acre. This is a change from the previous plan for mixed-use development.

As part of this request, the Planning Department (PD) is including recommended road improvements – calling for the Woodside/Rt. 54 intersection to be signalized (that’s a stoplight) and to have a left turn lane for eastbound traffic on Rt. 54.

It’s the long-held position of CHF that a round-about (traffic circle) for this intersection, in addition to a reduced speed limit (currently 55 mph), will do more to improve safety and calm traffic than an additional signal at this intersection on a well-traveled 2-mile stretch of Rt. 54.

County Planning Commission Public Hearing
Thursday, February 16th, 7 p.m.

Please join us – voice your concerns about this plan.  Comp Plan to be Reviewed…workshops, hearings to be scheduled

During its Jan. 25th meeting, the Board of Supervisors authorized the Planning Commission to commence an update of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The last update was 2007. The vote followed a presentation [ppt] by Acting Director of Planning David Maloney and a workshop discussion among Board members.

Localities are mandated both to have a Comprehensive Plan and to review it every five years. Hanover’s Comprehensive Plan is a rolling 20-year plan advanced at each update. With this review and update the guidelines are set for the 2012-2032 time frame.

The Planning Commission will schedule workshops and hearings that will unfold over approximately one year until the final public hearing and vote by the Board of Supervisors.


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