East Ashland cases deferred

The East Ashland zoning cases for both the town and county portions were deferred in public hearings before the Ashland Town Council on January 19 and the Hanover County Planning Commission on January 21, respectively.

For the town’s case, Ashland Partners, L.L.C. asked for a work session with the Town Council and Planning Commission in order to resolve a myriad of issues raised by the latter. A date of March 2 has been set for the next hearing on that case.

The county Planning Commission deferred the case for 30 days in order to work further with the applicant to resolve issues.

Over months of community meetings, discussions and hearings, citizens have pointed repeatedly to the serious impact of this development on schools, traffic, environment and taxpayers.

Citizens are urged to contact their elected and appointed officials and the Planning Departments of both jurisdictions to voice concerns.


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