East Ashland or Beast Ashland?

"Beast Ashland"

"Beast Ashland"

A sprawling, high density, mixed-use development proposed east of Ashland will be discussed Monday, Oct 12th, 7 p.m. in the County’s Administration Boardroom. Please plan to attend and voice your ideas and concerns about this proposed development.

The county planning department along with Wilton developers will trot out plans for what they dub, “East Ashland” (or as some folks call it, “Beast Ashland.”)

“Beast Ashland” is just one of three, large-scale developments planned for the rural Route 54 corridor (east of I-95). The other two “beastly” developments coming down Route 54 East include the Providence Creek mixed use development and Hickory Hill, residential sprawl.

Because Wilton’s development, “Beast Ashland,” affects tracks of land falling within the Town of Ashland as well as the county, the following traffic impact analysis by Wilbur Smith Associates only addresses the piece of development  within the Town of Ashland.

As a community concerned about the negative impact of excessive growth, especially in terms of quality of life, we want citizens to see and learn THE BIG PICTURE.  In other words, how will ALL of the proposed developments combined impact traffic, density, congestion and the overall quality of life along Route 54 East?

The conclusion of the East Ashland TIA Review 2009 states:

“Traffic generated by the East Ashland development will have a negative impact on the surrounding roadways and intersections. The recommendations proposed in the East Ashland Traffic Impact Analysis will lessen some of these impacts, but impacts will remain. The queues created by the East Ashland development are of concern….The applicant should address the future reconstruction of the Route 54/I-95 interchange and right-of-way dedication for this reconstruction should be proffered.”

Again, in terms of the BIG PICTURE, this traffic impact analysis does not take into consideration ALL three developments planned for the Route 54 East corridor. What will the impact of increased traffic and density be from all three of the proposed developments?


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