Green Infrastructure Workshop in Hanover March 18

When: Wednesday March 18: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Where: Ashland Branch Library (201 S. Railroad Avenue, Ashland Virginia 23005)

Purpose: The workshop will explain how counties can conserve their green infrastructure assets. Green infrastructure includes the natural assets such as timber land and forests, tree canopy for urban areas, rivers and drinking water sources, agricultural soils, wildlife habitat and human use values such as hiking, fishing, boating and historic landscapes. The workshop will demonstrate new tools for conserving these assets and showcase maps for Hanover County and how the county fits into the region’s larger green infrastructure network. The workshop includes a presentation by a leading environmental planner Karen Firehock and hands on activities to work with local maps and planning tools.

Audience: Citizens, county and town government staff, elected and appointed officials, conservation groups, developers, watershed groups and anyone interested in ensuring that as their community develops, it will grow in patterns that maximize both ecological and economic assets.

Who: The GIC is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with the Richmond Regional Planning District, The Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Capital Region Land Conservancy to help assess and map the region’s green infrastrcuture assets.

The Capital Region Land Conservancy is planning additional seminars on Green Infrastructure in Powhatan, Goochland and Henrico in March and April. Please call Mike Christin at 804-874-8615 for dates and details.


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  1. About two years ago Hanover County turned down an offer of green infrastructure planning assistance — free — from Karen Firehock’s group. We’re too busy with other things, our county leadership said. So the help went to New Kent County instead. Our county leadership will not think very far outside the box unless there is strong and consistent citizen pressure for them to do so. This workshop should be very useful for citizens to see the potential that green infrastructure holds for building on some of the key strengths and unique places that Hanover County has.

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