Fast Away the Old Year Passes . . . Fa la la la la la la la yeccchh!

Approval of an atrocious Comp Plan update and election of a majority pro-development Board of Supervisors are not the Christmas gifts Hanover residents wanted under our tree this season. Talk about twin disasters setting the County up for more of the same sprawly, old-style planning outcomes.

Look around you. What do you see? Feel like saying something along the lines of “Leapin’ Lizards!” or “Tarnation!” or “Expletive (deleted)”? Then you might be occupying a front row seat to view changes in a place you hoped would afford a bit of sanctuary from the din of encroaching development. Well, here comes the din.

Check out the alarming highlights of current or future development which include, but are not limited to: 277 new rooftops slammed down onto the historic Hickory Hill property; 1795-acre (yep!) Hylas area business park; expansion of the Martin Marietta quarry into the North Anna Battlefield; Wilton Co.’s “East Ashland” monstrosity; poorly sited, oversized Lowe’s in Ashland; traffic-snarling WaWa at Atlee Station Rd./301 and Gander Mountain joining the other squatters on the Chickahominy wetlands.

Oh, why stop there? Coming soon: a request for 200+ homes and commercial at Woodside Lane and Rte 54, crammed in next to “East Ashland”; a request by mulch producer Grind-All to operate off of already truck-and traffic-heavy Ashland Road; and 16 homes in a rural conservation cluster purporting to protect the viewshed at Blanton Road and Rte 54.

And get this. The County was just offered an opportunity for free consulting on a green infrastructure plan, but turned it down because they’re going to be busy with–ta-daaaa!–MORE development!

Come on, Hanoverians, it’s New Year’s Resolution time. Therefore, resolve in 2008 that our county officials–elected, appointed or hired–will NOT retreat into a “deflect and deflate” mode: do not allow them to deflect citizen questions and deflate citizen ideas.

Be informed. Get involved. Avoid using your inside voice.


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  1. We have made several email attempts to both Elton Wade and Joe O’Connor of the planning commission re. development in the Old Church area. No response. What does it take to get anyone’s attention in this county?

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