Program: American Battlefields-North Anna

Tuesday, Dec. 4th – 6 p.m. – Board Room, County Administration Bldg.

Karen McMasters, with the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP), will give a presentation focusing upon the North Anna Battlefield (the Wilderness Campaign).

This is more than a history lesson. It is about preserving and protecting the quality of life in Hanover County, our rural heritage and environment.

There was a huge loss for both Union and Confederate Armies, an estimated 4,000 casualties, where these armies fought May 13-25, 1864. The National Park Service considers North Anna a Priority I battlefield. The Martin Marietta (MM) proposed expansion encompasses 25-30 acres of “killing fields”. There are other historical issues – the house and buildings of the Sletten properties. There are unaddressed environmental issues. There are likely unaddressed Native American issues – military positions were often selected based on the same criteria Native Americans used to establish camps, hunting grounds, and seek protection.

Recent articles in local newspapers have been misleading: failing to state what is in danger. The articles have stated the present North Anna Battlefield Park (80 acres) isn’t in danger – we understand that. But, they have twice failed to state the MM proposal encompasses 720 acres, lying beyond the current park, acres desperately in need of protection!

Planning Commissioners, Supervisors and MM officials are invited. Supervisor Stanley arranged for the location. This is an opportunity to support our officials when they support preservation, to show our enthusiasm for preserving the North Anna, and to talk with decision makers.

The County Adminmistration Building is located at the rear of the County Complex. From Rt. 301 turn onto County Complex Rd. or Library Dr. The building and parking lot are well-lighted. Understanding the meeting time is early, there will be a few snacks available or bring something to munch on. Even if you’re running late – stop by. See you tomorrow night!


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