Help Save Scenic North Anna River and Battlefield TONIGHT!

WHERE: Doswell Community Center (Rt. 1 just north of Doswell Rd.)
WHEN: 7 pm

Friends of the North Anna ask for your support tonight at 7 pm!
Let Martin Marietta and the County know YOU care what they do with the
scenic North Anna River and battlefield.

Hanover County Staff will make recommendations regarding
Martin Marietta's request for a Conditional
Use Permit to expand their quarry.

This valuable natural resource is under threat!

The North Anna River is one of Hanover's and the nation's rich
treasures. Martin Marietta has been purchasing more and more land along the river
and wants to greatly expand its quarry operations. This land just "happened" to be
a last minute change in the Comprehensive
Plan so people did not have a chance to
address it during the land
use planning process.

Hanover County has no other significant public conservation areas
that we know of either in its parks or anywhere else and has done
very, very little to recognize the value of its many beautiful
rivers. In this respect it is far behind other counties including
Chesterfield. This is one of the natural areas of Hanover that
needs to be recognized and protected.

Please do not let our County representatives continue to destroy our resources.

For more information:

Please write to Bucky Stanley and your own District Supervisor
to let them know preservation of the North Anna River is important.

These are two of the supervisor addresses. For other contact info:


One Response

  1. Good Luck! If you have as many show up as for the Comp Plan or the Election, still won’t matter. 30% is no majority and means nothing to the BOS who have been passing every Development project “Hunt” has brought forward! They say growth is inevitable. The new Green Movement says ,”No it isn’t and must not be in already saturated areas of the East Coast!” One bad drought or Pandemic Flu will go through the 95 corridor of the east coast like fire through California! Like a fuse to dynamite the Pandemic flu will spark it’s way down the human thick chain of the east coast until it runs out of people! We have localized our population like planes on an aircraft carrier deck. When one is hit they will all go up. The only possible way to stop the spread is to keep rural areas between the big cities and even that is no guarantee and may only slow the spread of contagions with all the travel! The sad part is that it is not a matter of if, but when with a higher percentage of probability than another terrorist attack! But just keep on building, maybe all the Scientists are wrong!

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