Friends of North Anna are asking citizens to write, email, or call Bucky Stanley to ask him to help us save the North Anna Battlefield and river!

Please ask Bucky to support the acre for acre land donation to expand the battelfield park. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to contact Bucky! Even if Martin Marietta agrees to donate land, their expansion will be larger than their 1989 expansion. Citizens will have more success if requests to save the battlefield go into the CUP before the public hearing.

Other localities require quarry owners to agree to create parks after they finish mining; some are making quarries pay huge amounts for reclamation. This is a very reasonable request. Donated land could be used to offset reclamation because Martin Marietta would be giving Hanover County a means to generate tourism and revenue.

Aubrey M. Stanley

Vice Chairman
(804) 449-6606 (h)
(804) 449-6606 (h-fax)

Hanover County
P.O. Box 470
7497 County Complex Rd.
Hanover, VA 23069

Preserving history preserves our rural character and way of life.

3 Responses

  1. Ah, here we go again. Let me see if I can predict the future…. hmm… The People loose to Big Business again! And Bucky may even try to vote against it, but guess what the other four will pass it, Again.

    It’s just a game to them.

    Vote all of these old tunnel visioned Bums out. We need new, fresh Ideas for the future, not the historic same old Republican game plan of, “Vote for nothing unless the contributors, (Big Business), make tons of cash on it.”

    Remember the Comp Plan on November 6th!

  2. According to the public records of political campaign contributions, Martin Marietta Aggregates have sent him $500 toward reelection.
    Favors, anyone???
    Vote him out! Vice Chairman, indeed!

  3. That’s only the obvious drop in the bucket. Any grade school detective could find the out of state favors and properties used as monies under the table! No one seems really interested in investigating the local Mob?

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