R E M E M B E R in N O V E M B E R…

It’s election season in Hanover —

and the prospect of massive development in the expanded Suburban Service Area (29,000 acres) remains the top threat to the future of our home and our quality of life. Our Board of Supervisors has the power to determine the path Hanover takes.

Our position calls on the Board of Supervisors to defend Hanover’s future as voiced by citizens on March 21st at Hanover High School to plan for:
– sustainable population growth,
– preservation of agricultural and forest lands,
– long-range planning for green infrastructure and protecting natural ecosystems,
– a greater variety of housing options,
– a variety of transportation methods,
– balanced economic growth,
– protection of historic assets, and
– protection of the integrity and prosperity of Ashland and other small population centers in the county.

Hanover County is fortunate to have smart, creative citizens who are ready to be engaged in building a positive future. Public involvement, greater transparency, and more rigorous fairness in the planning for our home will ensure that the County makes the best decisions for our shared future. Therefore, we call on the Board of Supervisors to work with residents to tackle the challenges ahead of us, to defend what is most loved about our county.

The Coalition for Hanover’s Future (CHF) doesn’t endorse specific candidates, but we hope you will use the CHF position as you talk to and consider the candidates running for Board of Supervisors.


One Response

  1. Voting in all new Supervisors this November will work as well as the Democratic House and Senate gains last year, the main problem still exists, George Bush. And with Hanover County the same problems will still exist, The Hanover County Planning Department! A body with such skewed views and plans that make no sense at all and yet fight to the bitter end to maintain failing and incompetent, if not illegal policies!

    If the new Supervisors do nothing to replace or control Cresenzo and Maloney, then the election will have accomplished nothing! I have read where some of the challengers don’t know where the problems are; how could you be so blind? They don’t even attend the Planning Commission meetings.

    During the last meeting on 16 August, I was compelled to attend by Jack Ward. After two years of fighting I finally have him agreeing that Sub Division Buffers should never be placed on an Individual Homeowners property! These buffers have to be maintained by one single homeowner and cannot be changed and the property owner cannot put up a fence on the property lines, can’t change the appearance and this never in the sales contracts or explained on the plats during closing. There is no HOA, the subdivision is not big enough and never will be. 31 low budget ugly trees, which keep dying and a sidewalk that is not beside the road and goes nowhere! Look around, you can find these disasters in planning all over Hanover County. I pay taxes on a half-acre; I have no control of 1/3rd of that!
    Jack Ward told me that the hearing would be about doing away with these buffers being placed on individual homeowners properties where there is no HOA. So I went.

    That language was nowhere to be heard during the hearing! They did try to give people the right to remove the dead trees, but that would have to be requested and fell to the final decision of M. Cresenzo if the property owner met certain criteria…. That was not spelled out!

    Make no mistake, the Power Lust of the Planning Department and the non-progressive decision making based on incorrect assumptions that fail all science and math is the problem and the source of the Comp Plan and the reign of big developers in Hanover County.

    The challengers to the BOS must comment on this, understand this, and have a plan to change or replace them, or we are wasting our time voting!

    Ron Noe

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