The Green Government Initiative

Instead of threatening our quality of life in Hanover County, Hanover County government might want to explore: the GREEN GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE established by the National Association of Counties (NACo). Launched in 2007, this initiative provides comprehensive resources for local governments on all things green, including air quality, transportation, water quality, land use, purchasing and recycling.


  1. Improve Energy Use and Practice Integrated Environmental Design
  2. Commit to Climate Protection
  3. Conserve and Protect Land and Water Resources
  4. Support Renewable and Alternative Energies
  5. Implement Clean/Green Fleet Policies
  6. Plan for Sustainable Communities and Transit-Oriented Development
  7. Make Informed Environmental Purchases
  8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  9. Educate, Communicate, Celebrate
  10. Create a Green Team to develop a green county action plan


2 Responses

  1. Good Luck with that! If there’s no money in it to make someone in County Government rich, forget it. Current events don’t really show a logical or caring local Government. Dictatorship comes to mind!

  2. Virginia, A Red State controlled by the Republicans for decades. Like sheep following each other off a cliff, voters continue to vote for the mighty Republican Party so they can think they to are rich and powerful to???? If anyone has a better description for this misfire in the synaptic relays of the brain, feel free!

    As I sit in the traffic that continues to get worse daily and wonder about cities built on a grid system that actually gives alternate routes for citizens to drive to and from work, I begin to question the Planners of this none grid system and the whole zoning process. They are still building in already crowded areas???? To late here though, nothing could help Richmond and Hanover other than billions of tax dollars in layering overpass construction like San Antonio, Austin, and Seattle. But our schools and services will be woefully inadequate soon and the roads that are already in need of repair will cause more delays.

    Every week another outcry by the citizens of Hanover County about zoning and new Construction of Commercial Development, and every month, completely ignored by the Town Councils or the BOS. And the Hanover Planning Department is stuck in a downward spiral of incompetence.

    You follow the Red Party all the way to Washington and you see the same blatant disregard for the people’s voice. The Republican Party has lead this country from a leadership role to a laughing stock around the world.

    24th in the world in healthcare for its citizens!

    Education going down the tubes!

    Ignoring Global Warming while 2007 is going down in history as the hottest and most erratic storms ever!

    An Attorney General that has the memory of an Alzheimer Patient!

    And a President who is above the law, is wrong about everything, and has run every business he operated and now our country into the ground!!

    And the Republicans follow like sheep going off a cliff!

    Web sites like this one are a conduit and a rallying point for the masses and yet no one reads or comments? Does Hanover County only have two – three computers at home in the whole county? Are the people that indifferent that they will just sit and watch as big business ruins their lifestyles and rural communities? It sure seems that is the case. Maybe the education problem in this country is already taking a toll.

    As the last of our furniture is being loaded on the truck after my job at local credit card giant was sent overseas to the Philippines, I rest assured that I will not be living in this Red State much longer because it just saddens me at the apathy and blind unjustified obedience to the Republican Party in this state.

    We’re headed to New Mexico. Fortunately with educations in science as well, my wife and I are marketable there and New Mexico has a lot to offer. Bill Richardson has done wonders with healthcare and education there and our kid’s will do fine. The mountains and rivers are pristine and we love the outdoors.

    Our time here has taught us how we don’t want to live. And the politics here is just to overwhelming and only make the rich richer and the poor worse off. When will America wake up and realize that the percentage of poor and the middle class who cannot afford good schools or college potentially sit on the genetic scholars and scientists that could change the world for the better. The gene pool of the top 1% breeds only greed!

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