CRG Forum on "Wiltonville" Tonight!

Tonight at the Ashland Public Library, CRG will hold an interactive Public Forum on East Ashland. It will send a very strong message to have the library meeting room packed with concerned citizens. You will be able to question the town, county, and applicant. As mentioned before, we will be experimenting with a new format that will keep the forum structured, but will also allow more give and take (follow-up questions, rebuttals) with the panel.

The East Ashland Public Hearing on July 25th was attended by at least 90 people. The hearing was covered by the RTD, Herald Progress, and Channel 8. Twenty-one people spoke; with only one speaking in favor.

The application has been deferred until August 21st. The council will meet with the applicant in a work session on August 7th, 6:00 p.m. to discuss traffic issues only. There will not be public input regarding traffic at the 8/7 meeting, but the public can attend this work session and listen to presentations and discussion.

CRG strongly encourages you to contact the Ashland Town Council with your thoughts, concerns, and questions. Contacting them before a public hearing at which they may vote, gives them time to really consider your ideas, perhaps research ideas, or contact you for clarification/discussion.

Your voice matters!

Andrea Ferment, President, CRG


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  1. Lets Face it, Hanover County is screwed! Big business is having it’s way and common sense is gone!The Republicans have won! I suggest moving out west to areas tha could sustain moderate growth for 40 years without destroying the natural landscape and you can see developers comming 100 miles away. Enough time to convince them it’s safer to turn around. We’re leaving, I’m sure more will follow when the schools fail!

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