Lowe’s Deferred

The Ashland Town Council voted unanimously to defer the decision on the Lowe’s application until their next meeting on June 19th.

After a brief discussion and a few questions posed to the applicants by council members, Mayor Faye Prichard recommended they vote on a deferral. The Mayor said that although she had told quite a few citizens that she was leaning strongly towards supporting the Lowe’s application, she felt she could not vote in favor at this time, after hearing what citizens had to say. Mrs. Prichard said that after listening to many people whose opinions she greatly respected, and after hearing the citizens’ strong concerns regarding the size of the store (a whopping 170,000 square feet), she could not make a decision without working more with Lowe’s to see what could be done to address citizen concerns. She stated that she hoped that Lowe’s would “stay with us through this discussion” as citizens clearly want a Lowe’s in Ashland, but would also find it acceptable if the Lowe’s was a smaller size.
About thirty citizens spoke, with only two speaking in favor of the application. Kudos to CRG members Bob Brown, Martha Wingfield, Kathy Hopkins, and Jim Foley who were articulate, factual, and persuasive in the information they shared and the questions that they raised. Kathy Hopkins did cited several recent decisions by Lowe’s to build much smaller stores in other locations. Jim Foley said that council needed to vote 5-0 to not just say “No!” to Lowe’s, but to say, “Hell, no!” He noted that the future in big box retail is actually in smaller boxes and with Ashland’s attractive market, plenty of other retailers would want to come here in the near future. Ashland needed to tell Lowes what residentsd will and will not accept regarding appropriate retail on Route 1. Kudos to the residents of Slash Cottage neighborhood who came out in large numbers to oppose the application.

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  1. Well, that Lowes thing went well????

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