The Lowdown on Lowe’s

May 30, 2007 — Forty people filled the meeting room in Ashland’s public library for “The Lowdown on Lowe’s” program hosted by the Citizens for Responsible Growth (CRG). While 15% of the audience represented local businesses, 35% in attendance were residents of the Slash Cottage neighborhood. The proposed Lowe’s development would back-up to the Slash Cottage; this neighborhood would feel an immediate impact in terms of traffic, noise, light and air pollution.

The moderated panel included representatives from Citizens for Responsible Growth; Lowe’s Home Improvement; Ashland Mayor, Faye Prichard; town planner, Neil Holthouser; and town planning commission chair, Steve Trivett. Greg Glassner, editor of the Herald-Progress and Hanover reporter Melody Martin from the Richmond Times-Dispatch were also in attendance.

Following presentations given by a Lowe’s representative and Ashland’s Town planner, members from the audience posed 35 questions to the panel. The purpose of the two-hour program was to educate and advocate for smart and sound planning, zoning, and development practices in the Ashland/Hanover community. “The Lowdown on Lowe’s” postcards designed for sharing ideas and opinions regarding the Lowe’s application with Town council members were made available to audience members.

Lowe’s application fro development comes before the Ashland Town Council on June 5th, 2007 at Town Hall. The public hearing starts at 7:00 p.m. and if you wish to speak, you must sign-up in advance.


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