Are You Listening Now?!

Last night, 1000+ Hanoverians packed the Hanover High School to express their overwhelming opposition to the proposed revision of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan!

The Board of Supervisors have delayed their vote on the Comp PLan Update until the next week’s board meeting – Wednesday, March 28th. This vote needs to be delayed longer than a week! Please join CHF next week at the County Courthouse Complex – this plan still needs to be canned! More information from CHF forthcoming.

Television coverage of public hearing:
Channel 12-NBC

Large crowd mostly opposes Hanover rezoning

By Tara Morgan, NBC12 News

Hundreds of residents turned out Wednesday night to discuss growth in Hanover County. The county is looking to open up a lot of farmland for urban development, but residents say county leaders are moving too fast.

It was standing room only in an auditorium built to hold just over 900 people.

Those opposed to the proposed update to the county’s comprehensive plan waved small white and blue fans with the slogan “Can the Plan!”

About 40 people signed up to speak. Those who spoke in favor of the plan were booed.

The proposal, backed by the planning commission, calls for designating 15,000 acres to become residential and commercial property in the next 20 years.

Many want county leaders to rethink the plan and protect the rural landscape.

One supervisor says growth is inevitable and the county needs to be prepared for future business parks.

Some told the board that the county should solve existing problems with schools and roads before “dooming residents to sprawl,” as one woman put it.

Residents say they’re not against growth, but they just want county leaders to be responsible about it.

The board wants to first consider all of the public input from last night’s meeting before making a decision. It will vote on the county’s proposed comprehensive plan next Wednesday.



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  1. Um… I think the number of speakers who signed up was closer to 140, rather than 40.

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